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Industry Standards

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What Sets Us Apart

Industry Leading Solution

Our Scientific Advisory Board consists of scientists, and researchers, across the field of chemistry, engineering, food science, nutrition science, etc. They stay updated on the latest nutrition science and industry trends to help you develop the innovative solutions for your custom dietary supplement formulations.

Speed & Flexibility

With the high-speed manufacturing machinery, the professional contract manufacturing knowledge, experience, and resources, we can launch quickly and fine-tune your product along the way.

Exceptional Quality Control

Quality assurance is our top priority. Our professional QA team ensures your finished products will be crafted with quality ingredients in an FDA-approved facility, certified cGMP facility registered by NSF, and a SQF level 2 certification.

Full Turnkey Services

Over past years, we’ve made supplement manufacturing easy for brand owners by providing them with full turkey solution, allowing them to go to market faster than the competition.

Superb Customer Service

Our relationship doesn’t have to end once your products are finished. Our customer Service team is always here whenever you have any questions.

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We believe in an ethical and transparent approach to manufacturing, from start to finish.

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Our Locations

Since we first opened in 2014, we’ve been known for standout efficiency, quality and sustainability as well as valuing the southern California culture. These themes are woven into our 6 year history and our reputation for solving problems related to food, nutrition, manufacturing and health.

Set on a 152,066 square feet manufacturing facility less than one hour from world-class destinations such as Los Angeles, West Hollywood, and several other nearby central cities, our location ensures that we are connected with our supplier’s sites in order to facilitate process integration and communication.