Our Services


Up to 2,000,000 gummies per day.


Up to 1,000,000 pouches per day.

Liquid Gel

Up to 4,000,000 liquid gels per day.


Size reduction milling of up to 4,000 kg per day.

Packaging & Bottling

Wide variety of packaging services including bottling, pouching, & stick-pack packaging.

Wet & Dry Granulation

150 kg of wet granulation & up to 2,400 kg of dry granulation per day.


Up to 2,000,000 tablets per day.


Up to 4,000,000 capsules per day.

Powder Blending

2 x 10,000 kg Blenders

Complete Turnkey Quality Contract Manufacturing

4Excelsior’s team is built up with a combined 25 years of knowledge in dietary supplement and sports nutrition industry. Our team will work with you side by side from formulation and R&D, to testing and manufacturing. We believe each product should meet the highest industry standards in quality. Our expertise and GMP compliance processes are designed to ensure all standards will be met.

Products need to meet the highest standards to be truly beneficials to consumers. This quality requires the very best in equipment, knowledge base, and testing processes, all of which require an experienced team and clean facilities. 4Excelsior provides contract manufacturing that incorporates a variety of capabilities and services.

Formulation & Regulatory Consultation

Our experienced R&D and Quality Assurance team will guide you through the formulation and regulatory checks to ensure complete assurance that your product is in compliance with current industry standards.

Global Ingredient Sourcing

We have special access to raw ingredients with both conventional and organic certification from around the world, ensuring a high-quality product that meets your precise needs.

USDA Organic Production

Our facility has separate lines for producing USDA Organic certified products. This prevents cross-contamination with non-organic ingredients and is part of our commitment to providing only the purest quality product.

Export Certificates

We provide all necessary documentation to meet your global distribution goals, for example, free sale and FDA Export Certifications.

Design & Packaging

We can not only help you develop and manufacture your next product idea, but also can create original and unique package/label designs that can help you connect with your audience emotionally.

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